Lakeshirts / Blue 84 is undoubtedly one of the largest and most recognized apparel lines in the resort industry. Their apparel line is vast and has you covered from standard basic Tees to fashion garments and speciality fabrics. Lakeshirts own their own dye-house, and offer a staggering range of exciting garment colours.

The vast range of apparel is however outdone by the vast range of artwork and designs. From basic single ink colour to vivid 12+ ink colour designs with screen print. Lakeshirts also offer embroidery, applique, and sublimation designs. In fact, there are way too many designs to put in a catalog, and although the links to the left can give you an overview of the designs available, this is just a sample, there are thousands more to choose from.

Lakeshirts also offers a cap program to complement the apparel range. The Cap Catalog will provide an overview of the cap selection and available art.

The majority of Lakeshirts excellent designs are also available as stickers and magnets. In fact, Blue 84 Stickers offers a great collection of sticker options and retail display packages to add some additional pop and merchandising to the Lakehsirts story in your shop.

Overall, Lakeshirts is a huge line, and undoubtedly you will have questions. No worries, I’m here to help, and it’ll be my pleasure to provide a complete overview of Lakeshirt's pricing and programs.

Tom Sutton


Amy Whitaker-Sutton

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