Raindrops Resort

Raindrops Resort offers a fresh and unique approach to resort apparel. Specializing in sublimated patches, which are then sewn onto garments, they truly are at the forefront of this emerging trend.

In addition to sublimated patch-garments, Raindrops Resort also provides cool and funky sublimated socks.

Although we offer a range of stock designs for patches and socks, we can certainly produce any custom design you want, and dial it into your location.

A highlight of Raindrops Resort’s collection are their animal designs. We love animals! We see a human personality in all of them--wild or domestic, big or small, whether they fly, walk or swim.

And with a little imagination, we picture them in people attire that matches those over-sized personalities--leather bomber jackets, African dashikis, wet suits, ski jackets--a complete animal wardrobe like you’ve never seen before.

All of our products are assembled in the USA, with patches that are cut, dyed and stitched in house, right in our factory in Illinois. These patches will never fade, crack or peel and are totally soft to the touch.

Raindrops Resort
Dee Givens & Co.
2510 Wisconsin Avenue
Downers Grove, IL  60515

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